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Screenshot 2020-09-12 170909.jpg

Conceptual Equine Property Design

November 2019

When the Permaculture Principles are applied to aspects of an equestrian property, sustainable systems can be created that, once established, require less input and maintenance than traditional methods, and increase in value and productivity over time. Using these Principles ensures a harmonious relationship with the environment surrounding the property, and creates a web of resources and security for generations to come.

Conceptual Paddock Paradise Design

January 2020

With this concept created by Jamie Jackson, view how a traditional pasture layout can be re-designed to maximize the health and happiness of your horses in their natural state.

Annotation 2020-08-06 162526.jpg

Backyard Rain Garden and no-till Vegetable Bed

September 2019 - Current

In this project, I created a passive water catchment system known as a Rain Garden within my childhood backyard. In addition to the rain garden, I implemented an annual food bed and several other edible trees and bushes. Click to see more photos from this ongoing project!

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