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Sunny Soul Holistic Equine Nutrition

Angel's Animals Certified Practitioner

Equine Nutrition: Welcome

Why Holistic Nutrition?

The sweet face at the top of this page was the initial reason I became immersed in the world of holistic nutrition. My otherwise healthy gelding, Stetson, was beginning to show signs of aging and environmental stress on his body from years of living in a typical barn and pasture setup, where he was exposed to toxins such as mold and dust from hay and unhealthy pasture, chemicals from nearby crop production, and high iron levels in the groundwater. These stressors became apparent through a dulling of his coat, skin irritations, barefoot hooves that started to crack and flake, and a general sense that he was just not feeling his best. Just as when we eat and live in an unhealthy manner, bombarded by the toxins that abound in our everyday life, we begin to feel cloudy and out of it, more susceptible to disease and injury, and potentially, a shorter lifespan.

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