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Permaculture Design Services

Permaculture Design Services: Services

Phone or Video Consultation

To start the process for creating a sustainable design, we have you, as the land or homeowner, send us the site address along with your response to our Vision Questionnaire, which is sent after the initial contact. We then compile basic site information such as climate, rainfall, sun and wind direction, and follow up with a 90 minute phone or video consultation to share with you what we have concluded to be your greatest opportunities or challenges regarding your specific site and Project Vision.

Research for up to 1 acre + 90 Min Consultation  = $180 

 Add $10 per acre for larger properties.

As a LIMITED TIME SPECIAL, receive $60 off your initial consultation!



After an initial phone consultation, Sara Fritsch will come to your site to walk the property and further explore what techniques and strategies will be best in implementing a Permaculture based system on site. This is a verbal assessment and will include recommendations and rough sketches when applicable. Useful resources such as recommended reading and website links will always be provided.

$150/Hour + travel($0.60 per mile)

2 Hour minimum for Residence

3 Hour Minimum for 1 Acre+

*Note that the full amount invested into a phone consultation and on-site assessment will be deducted from the price of a purchased design.

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Framework Design

Once the initial site assessment and walkabout have been completed, we can then create a Permaculture design that includes a written assessment, a base-map with a conceptual design sketch placed over it, and a written summary of recommendations that includes ideal placement of desired or necessary features.  A framework design will also include a written list of general plants for your site. 

* Prices vary with property size and complexity of design. These are estimates for property sizes of 1-25 acres.

Est: $1,000 - $8,000

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Full Design

 Building on the Framework Design that was created, a Full Design will include an estimated timeline for the implementation process, added layers to the Base Map such as specific plant lists with ideal placement and suppliers noted, and an estimated cost analysis for full implementation.

Est: $2,000 - $15,000

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Full Design and Project Management

We offer Project Management for any of our clients that have purchased a Full Design and wish to have continued guidance and assistance throughout the process of implementation. We handle anything from working with contractors and installers, organizing start-up maintenance, planting and rotation schedules, trouble-shooting any challenges, assessing and fine-tuning implemented strategies, and making sure your project is functioning as projected.

Est: $8,000 - $25,000/year

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