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Holistic Equine Services: Welcome

My Journey

My name is Sara Fritsch and I have an extensive background in traditional (USA) horsemanship, horse care, and management. Within the last 7-10 years, I have seen a growing need for change from the land, horse, and human guardian alike. This was a need for sustainable, regenerative ways of management, far from what we know as "typical" or "conventional" horse care.

My goal in becoming a certified practitioner of Holistic Equine Nutrition is to provide equine guardians with the knowledge and confidence to feed their partners a balanced, whole(unprocessed), highly nutritional diet that is tailored to each individual case. I firmly believe a natural diet paired with a holistic management program( turnout, socialization, daily care, exercise/training) that is closely based on the principles and habits of Wild Horses, creates the optimal "tamed" environment for these beautiful spirits.

As horse owners, we have a great responsibility to manage our horses ethically and sustainably to the best of our ability. By using the design philosophy of Permaculture, we apply observational and organizational skills to evaluate, design, and manage horse properties in a way that embraces the natural health and well-being of our horses, while keeping in harmony with the environment around us.

Holistic Equine Services: About Me

My Services

Helping to create harmonious, healthy lives for horses and their guardians.

Horse Grazing
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Hay Testing & Analysis

Holistic Equine Nutrition

Holistic Connection

Training and Instruction

Holistic Equine Services: Services
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